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New Jersey Custody Lawyer

At The Law Offices of Jarred S. Freeman, we understand how going through a custody battle can drastically affect an individual in a variety of ways, including financially and emotionally. Our attorney’s realize that during a custody dispute time may be of the essence and that any additional time without taking action will only negatively affect the parent-child relationship. That is why at The Law Offices of Jarred S. Freeman, we will aggressively seek the relief you deserve. All the attorney’s in our office take the extra time and care to make sure that you are fully informed and engaged in the entire process.
Our family law attorneys represent all types of clients whether plaintiff or defendant. Our attorneys understand how the failure of one parent to negotiate in good faith during a custody dispute irreparably harms the parent-child relationship. That is why at The Law Offices of Jarred S. Freeman we aggressively develop strategies to ensure you are protected and granted the parenting time you deserve. Our attorneys represent clients in a diverse range of custody cases, whether the mother, father or grandparents. We will we pay extremely close attention to detail to avoid prolonged and expensive litigation that many individuals unfortunately become accustomed to.

Additionally, if you are served with a motion for a change of custody our attorneys will defend your rights to ensure a just and equitable outcome. It is imperative upon service of any motion to speak with an attorney at The Law Offices of Jarred S. Freeman immediately, as protecting your rights becomes extremely time sensitive. At the Law Offices of Jarred S. Freeman we offer free consultations and have representatives available 24/7 so contact us today at (732) 494-7900 for a lawyer who can answer your questions.

Custody Claims in New Jersey

Custody cases can be extremely straightforward or extremely complicated. Our firm possesses a track record of efficiently and productively resolving matters in our client’s best interest. We take the time to completely explain the consequences of any decision our clients choose to make. Our lawyers make it a point to provide our clients with thorough and smart representation combined with powerful litigation skills in order to help you get the results you need and deserve. An experienced custody lawyer from our firm will review your particular case and make sure to explain the best options to protect your rights. Our attorneys always place the priorities of our clients at the forefront of any litigation and will zealously advocate on your behalf from the onset of our representation.

We Can Provide Flexible Financial Options

If you or your company need the aggressive and effective representation of our attorneys give us a call today. All consultations are free of charge and you can be The Law Offices of Jarred S. Freeman rest assured that our attorneys will be immediately working hard to protect your rights today. Our representatives are available 24/7 at (732) 494-7900 and night and weekend appointments can be made upon request.