Firm Overview

We at Law Offices of Jarred S. Freeman take great pride in serving our clients’ interests as we help them navigate through a legal system which can often be confusing and rife with potential pitfalls. We are mindful of the fact that most of the people coming to us are facing one of the most difficult episodes in their lives, and respond with the professionalism and dignity that the situation demands. At the same time, we know that no one is helped out by only “hearing what they want to hear” so we have an unwavering commitment to straight talk and honest appraisals of the potential consequences facing each client. We are justly proud of all the cases we have taken and thereby helped people to achieve a better result than they might have otherwise, but we are also proud of the cases that we declined to take because it was out honest opinion that we could not achieve a better result than the person could on their own. We share a philosophy that we will achieve far more success (financial and otherwise) if we earn our clients’ trust to come back to us with all their legal issues over the course of a lifetime than if we tried to “squeeze” them in the short term. To that end we do not hesitate to offer free consultations and payment plans, depending on individual circumstances.

The attorneys at Law Office of Jarred S. Freeman are well-versed in broad areas of criminal, civil, personal injury, family, and chancery law, and have achieved extremely favorable results on behalf of individual clients in each of these areas. We additionally have a thriving municipal practice throughout New Jersey, focused on DUI law but also handling traffic matters, minor drug crimes, and all other municipal matters. We have handled federal criminal defense, immigration matters, and federal civil cases, as well as appellate matters. We have also had especially broad experience in post-conviction relief matters challenging the validity of criminal convictions which occurred at prior dates with different attorneys. Once again, while neither we nor any other attorney can guarantee any particular outcome in any case, you can rest assured on our promise that we will not take your case unless we are confident that we can help you navigate the legal system to better attempt to achieve your goals. Call for a free consultation and allow us to fight on your behalf today!